EIS strike—advice for members in schools

On Thursday 24 November, teachers in the EIS will be on strike over pay.

The facts

All schools will be closed.

Staff who are not striking will be working from home.

Pupils on free school meals will get their Thursday lunch to take home on Wednesday.

There will be no clubs at schools, other than evening classes after 6pm.

Crossing the picket

Download the Council’s guide to industrial action for details (PDF)

Download Unite’s guide for members not involved in industrial action (PDF)

Working from home presents a question of whether this is crossing a picket. A picket line is not just a physical line, but one that can be crossed virtually.

The decision is yours.

If you choose not to work, you

  • will not receive pay for that day
  • cannot be disciplined for this.

If you receive any unfair treatment based on your decision, contact a rep in your area immediately.

You do not have to tell your manager you are a member of a union or which union you are in. Union membership is ‘special category data’ so is protected under data protection laws.

Stand in solidarity with our teaching comrades

On Thursday 24th there are two opportunities to lend your solidarity to the striking teachers.

8am to 10am – join the EIS outside the City Chambers while Full Council meets inside.

12:30pm – rally outside the Scottish Parliament and hear from trade unionists and activists as we stand together in the fight for teachers’ pay.

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