Defend the right to strike on 1 February

On Wednesday 1 February, workers across the country are coming together to defend the right to strike.

If passed, the Tories’ Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill would effectively ban strikes in certain professions. The ability to withhold your labour is a fundamental human right—we need to defend this.

In Edinburgh there are rallies at:

  • 12 midday at The Mound, beside the National Galleries, with striking PCS members
  • 1 to 3pm at the Southside Community Centre at 117 Nicholson Street, with speakers including Mick Hogg of the RMT and Tracy Miller from Unison. Hosted by Trade Unions in Communities.
  • 5pm at Wellingston statue at the east end of Princes Street, with striking EIS members

Find events in other areas on the TUC website.

Contact your MP to voice your opposition to the bill using helpful forms on the TUC website.

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