Craft pay award agreed

Craft pay award to be paid 22 December—talks on allowances on-going

Pay talks between COSLA and the unions representing craft workers have now concluded, with the pay award being agreed.

The deal is the same as that for local government employees and will be paid on 22 December, including backpay. Your holiday allowances will be updated with the extra leave at the end of the year.

For clarity: all Council workers are local government employees and have been since 2013. The aspect from the craft national terms you keep is around the tool allowance and overalls allowance.

Talks on the allowances are on-going—we will update here once details are available.

Craft apprentices are fully aligned to the craft national terms and conditions.

Apprentices pay

The new 2022/23 hourly rates and salaries for Craft apprentices are detailed below.  First and second year apprentices are topped up to the Scottish Local Government Living Wage of £10.85.

Apprenticeship yearSCPHourly rateAnnual salary – full time equivalent
Year 1461A£10.85£20,382
Year 2462A£10.85£20,382
Year 3463A£12.29£23,083
Year 4464A£13.06£24,526

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