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Read the key resources for your rights and the recommendations around work during this pandemic.

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£500 payment

Scottish Government £500 payment guidance

Concerned about safety and infection at work?

It is vital that you undertake your own risk assessment in all aspects of your work and that you raise any concerns you have immediately with your manager.

If you feel you are being made to do work which risks your health and safety contact a rep with details of

  • what the task is
  • who asked you to do it
  • why you believe it is unsafe
  • what you believe could be done to make it safe, if possible.

Send this letter to your manager to let them you about your concerns officially.

Read this article from Thomson’s Solicitors about issues that may arise due to concerns around coronavirus.


Get an isolation note from the NHS if you

  • have syptoms of coronavirus
  • live with someone who has symptoms.


Health – official guidance

Work – official guidance

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