Climate crisis demo on Saturday 12 November

World leaders are not acting fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change and they won’t move unless pushed. So please get on the streets this Saturday 12 November at 12 midday at St. Andrew’s Square to demand change as part of the COP27: Global Day of Action.

The day promises to be a fantastic mix of street art, theatre, music and protest.

The Edinburgh route will highlight key crises, for example at the assembly point in St Andrews Square there will be a huge set of “scales of justice” to highlight the unfair treatment of the developing world and the need for Loss and Damage payments to them. There will also be the “Red Rebels” street theatre, music and collections for Pakistan flood relief.

Other locations en-route feature

  • human rights violations in Egypt, where environmental and democracy campaigners have been thrown in jail in advance of COP, see below
  • the UK Parliament to demand no new oil and gas fields in particular Rosebank field—there will be a wall of roses here, ideal for a selfie!
  • the Scottish Parliament, to finish, where the cost of living crises will be highlighted by a wall of placards surrounding the parliament and where Scottish strikers will speak.

Bring your friends, bring your family, have your say. Together we are unstoppable!

Human rights in Egypt

Release Alaa Abd el-Fattah, Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, locked up in Egypt. He is a British citizen so tell the UK government to firmly demand his release and bring him home by signing the petition.

Contact and social media details

For more details and to get involved in climate justice activism in Edinburgh contact

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