Ballot results are in—Unite and GMB accept, Unison reject

Unite accepts COSLA pay deal with 72% in favour

Members of all unions of the Scottish Joint Council—Unite, Unison and GMB—have now had their say on the latest COSLA pay offer:

  • Unite have accepted the deal, with 72% of members in favour.
  • Unison have rejected the deal, with 89% rejecting.
  • GMB have accepted, with 62%.

Unison have promised further industrial action in schools before the end of the year, however details are yet to be publicised.

We now await COSLA’s response.

One thought on “Ballot results are in—Unite and GMB accept, Unison reject”

  1. Unison are playing political games ! We should accept thus pay offer as the lowest paid are getting the best deal . Unison games are keeping people hungry .

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