Backdated pay for strikers

When you get your pay slip for the 22 December pay, it will show some deductions. This is because the system will pay you your backpay including the days you were on strike, and then deduct it again.

Your pay slip is likely to show these entries:

Basic Pay
Basic Pay (Back Pay)
Strike Hours
Variable Working
Variable Working (Back Pay)
Night Hrs
Night Hrs (Back Pay)
Weekend Hrs
Weekend Hrs (Back Pay)

The ‘strike hours’ item is the deduction to correct your pay. This figure will be the difference between the amount you would’ve been paid for strike days with the old salary rate and the new salary rate.

For example, a loader at the top of grade 3 gets paid £867.98 (gross) for 7 days work at the old rate, but £950.29 at the new rate. Because your backpay includes the strike days, you will have received £82.31 extra. This is then claimed back, so you’ll see this amount as ‘strike hours’ on your pay slip.

Your pay slip shows like this because of how the system works. This is not helpful. We continue to call on the Council to provide meaningful pay slips that show pay in a clear way.

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