Unite event in support of Orgreave Truth and Justice—11 March

Unite Community Scotland are holding a special event in support of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign and to celebrate the victory in 2020 of MSP Neil Findlay’s parliamentary campaign in achieving justice for Scots miners.

Join our Zoom event on 11th March at 7pm with speakers

  • Pat Egan former miner and Unite Officer
  • Neil Findlay MSP
  • Ewan Gibbs Labour Historian
  • Chris Peace from the Orgreave Campaign

Register for Orgreave Zoom event

Contact jamie.caldwell@unitetheunion.org if you have difficulties registering.

Council budget 2021: our deputation

Normally, we would give our deputation as part of the Council’s budget meeting—taking place today—but due to the temporary standing orders ruling that deputations can only be submitted in writing, we can’t do that this year. Read on for our full deputation, or watch the video for a summary.

Join us on Twitter for discussion of the budget at @unitececbranch.

Unite CEC Branch’s deputation to Full Council on 18 February 2021

Unite CEC Branch would like to preface this deputation with an objection to the temporary rules that dictate that deputations can only be submitted in writing. The Council has used technology to overcome many challenges this year and we believe digital participation in Council committees from groups submitting deputations is not insurmountable and that barring active participation is contrary to the principle of democracy that the voices of citizens and workers can be heard as part of these proceedings.

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Notes from recent Council committees: pomp and stress

There are a lot of committees with a lot of reports and too little time in the day, but over the next few months we hope to bring you small notes on points of interest. Join the discussion on Twitter @unitececbranch.

The next big committee is Full Council on 18 February for the budget meeting.

Finance and Resources Committee—21 January

Read the papers from the Finance and Resources Committee from 21 January for the full story.

We’ve no money… apart from what we’re saving for ceremonies and dignitaries

The Lord Provost’s annual £60k budget for civic hospitality hasn’t been spent this year, as there obviously hasn’t been the chance. The report proposed carry forward £30K for civic hospitality next year.

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