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A few words from Sharon on the importance of this election

For me this election is about change. fundamental change, not tinkering around the edges.

Unite members have a clear choice to make. Do we grasp the nettle — or retreat? Do we build a union that delivers at the shop floor or focus on parlour games in Westminster?

We need a union with a plan delivered by someone with a real track record — or do we turn our backs on the struggle? That is the choice. It’s time to build Unite. It’s time to get back to the workplace.

Sharon Graham

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Replacement ballot

To arrange your own replacement ballot paper contact CES—the people sorting the ballot—at support@cesvotes.com or 0800 783 3856. Quote your home address and membership number.

New rep training dates

Unite Scotland have released the education programme for 2021/22 with dates for training for reps and those looking to become reps. Courses running in Edinburgh are below for quick reference.

Become a rep

If you are interested in becoming a rep, contact one of our branch officers to chat about what’s involved, the support available and the opportunities on offer.

Edinburgh courses for 2021/22

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Sharon Graham for General Secretary!

We’re proud to nominate Sharon Graham for Unite General Secretary

At tonight’s branch meeting we decided on who our branch nominate as the next Unite the Union General Secretary.

We invites all candidates to the meeting and were joined by Howard Beckett, Steve Turner and Sharon Graham. We heard excellent, impassioned speeches from all, with ambitious proposals and plans for matters such as protecting public sector jobs, uniting the union in the face of factions and divisions, responding to the changing nature of work, making a just transition to green energy and how to take on big employers and win.

The branch voted for Sharon.

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