Another Edinburgh is Possible full report published

Another Edinburgh is Possible, an alliance of community and trade union activitists across Edinburgh, has published the report Our city: Edinburgh residents’ experience of council services.

We recommend reading this to understand what citizens need from the council and how their needs are currently being met, or not being met—as Mary Alexander, Unite’s Depute Regional Secretary for Scotland, write in the foreword:

The report highlights significant public concerns over the state of local services and the focus and priorities of the City of Edinburgh Council which are ‘out of kilter’ with residents’ views. The findings show residents have some sympathy with the council over the financial restrictions imposed by the Scottish and UK Governments and praises council workers who strive to do their best against the odds. It also makes some notable points and recommendations over how and what local services should be delivered.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with Another Edinburgh is Possible and help improve public services in Edinburgh. Visit Another Edinburgh is Possible for details and more articles.

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