Branch AGM and elections for 2022-2025

Elect your reps and branch officials for the next 3 year term

The Unite CEC Branch annual general meeting (AGM) will take place on 24 March 2022 at 4pm.

At this meeting, we will elect all representatives and officials for the next three year term (2022-2025). All members are welcome to nominate and to attend the meeting. This is an important event, as the elections can steer the direction of the branch for the coming three years.

If you are interested in becoming a rep or getting more involved in the branch, now is a great time! Read on to find out more.

Come to the AGM

The AGM is on 24 March 2022 from 4pm to 6:30pm and will be held on Microsoft Teams.

Email to get an invite. Please provide your membership number for verification.

Who will be elected?

Read about the different roles.

Read the Unite rule book for details of election to lay office. You must be committed to the values set out in rule 2 and comply with rule 6. Points from rule 17 are also of interest.


We elect

  • workplace reps (shop stewards)
  • health and safety reps.

Reps must be nominated by a member and then seconded. Read how to nominate below.

If you are interested in becoming a rep and would like to discuss this contact Brian Robertson (0749 359 7149) or Graeme Smith (0771 948 1092).

Branch officials

We also elect the branch officials. Unite’s rules determine that we must elect a

  • branch secretary
  • convener (chair)
  • learning rep
  • equalities officer
  • treasurer.

We can also elect additional posts—for example, vice convener of environmental officer—if there is the need for it and the post holder will undertake the work required to fulfill the role.

Officials must be nominated by a member and seconded. If there is more than one candidate for a role, there will be a vote.

All candidates standing for branch official roles must be prepared to give a speech in support of their candidacy. This should cover

  • your vision for the role
  • why and how you will be able to achieve this
  • what you understand as the current challenges you may face in that role.

How do I nominate?

Deadline for nominations is 28 February.

To nominate someone:

  1. Check with them they are happy to be nominated for that role
  2. Email with your nomination.

To second a nomination, you can email Brian as above or second it at the meeting.

Current officials

  • Branch secretary: Brian Robertson
  • Convener: Graeme Smith
  • Vice-convener: Margaret Cameron
  • Health and safety convener: Andy Roberts
  • Learning rep: Amanda Cunningham
  • Equalities Officer: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Brian Robertson

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