Advice and welfare

If you are having difficulties in your job, whatever the reason, we can help by

  • talking with you to let you know your rights
  • helping you articulate your concerns to your manager
  • supporting you in disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • finding legal representation for you.

We can help you get advice on

  • money
  • health
  • learning

and all job-related issues including health and safety and equalities.

Welfare and hardship

You can suffer hardship for a number of reasons. Whether your wages were withheld or you are on long-term sick, we can help support you.

First, contact your workplace rep. They can help you make the most of your options at work and can deal with workplace issues.

Then seek financial advice, to make sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to and can access any free support available. These places can help.

Benefits and financial help

Edinburgh support for various matters

Housing and homelessness

  • Foursquare 0131 557 7900: provides housing and homelssness support and advice
  • Edinburgh Cyrenians 0131 475 2354: provides services for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness


  • Ethnic Minorities Law Centre 0141 204 2888 (Monday to Friday 9.30am to 10.30am): provides legal representation and advice on asylum, immigration and other issues affecting ethnic minority communities and individuals
  • Civil Legal Advice Office can offer legal help around benefits, debt and housing.
  • Unite Legal Services provide one free 30 minute legal consultation on any topic for each member.

Health and disability

  • The Action Group 0131 475 2315: provides support, advice and advocacy on a range of issues for children and adults with support needs and learning difficulties, and support for carer
  • Health in Mind 0131 205 8508 provides a range of support services for people suffering from mental health-related issues
  • NHS Lothian Working Health Services 0131 537 9579: provides a range of advice and support services for people experiencing ill health at work
  • Access 2 Work provides and funds support at work for people with a disability or health condition.

Other advice

Often services are delivered to and for those living in specific geographical areas (e.g. Granton Information Centre, CHAI) or for those with specific characteristics (e.g. Ethnic Minorities Law Centre, The Action Group). A key point to note is that: if an organisation cannot support you because you live outwith their area, or your characteristics don’t permit them to assist you they may still be able to guide towards a service that can support you.