National Executive Committee Elections 2020

Remember to vote.

Your ballot paper must be returned by 18th June. If you have not yet received a ballot paper contact 08007833856 before 8th June.

Our branch believes the following will represent our interests:

Eddie Cassidy (Glasgow City Council),

Jimmy Mann (Fife Council),

Katrina Curry (Smith Anderson & Co, Kirkcaldy).

Further information available from CESvotes

Recycling centres opening — local authority newsletter

Following Scotland’s First Minister’s announcement that recycling centres will be reopening from 1 June, Unite has been engaged with CoSLA to secure safe working practices for all members.

Unite was disappointed to learn that a body – without a voice for the workers – had already been meeting and determining the best way to reopen the centres. This is unacceptable as Unite believes that this body has not examined the real challenges workers will face in practice.

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Local authorities newsletter: Your health and safety matters!

As services and workplaces start to reopen, Unite members are rightly concerned at the procedures and processes that are put in place to protect themselves, colleagues and indeed the public.

Unite has drawn up guidance for employer to follow to ensure your safety is at the top of any plans.

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