School support newsletter

Sign our petition to ensure school support workers have their voices heard on health and safety

We recently surveyed school support workers to gain insight into how these important groups of workers feel about their return to work. It is fair to say that the results highlight a number of concerns which must be addressed.

Without the work of school support workers—such as janitors, cleaners and pupils support assistants—schools would not be operational. So why do these groups of workers continue to be excluded when decisions are made around health and safety at work and information is distributed?

Sign our petition for school support workers and find out more about your rights below.

Survey findings

Our survey paints a worrying picture.

Key findings show, that of our respondents

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Getting it right for every worker—local authority newsletter

Following the Scottish Government’s guidance, schools are due to return next week. Staff and pupils—and their families and friends—will be anxious that the return has been rushed without time for all health and safety measures to be put in place.

Staff and pupils—and their friends and families—should not be put at risk by the impact of employers’ carelessness as they rush to reopen schools.

When you return

All workers need to understand

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Become a rep or develop your skills with Unite training in 2020

Unite Scotland’s education team are running the rest of the education courses this year online on Zoom. This is a great opportunity for those interested in become

  • workplace reps
  • health and safety reps
  • specialised roles, such as equality reps or union learning reps.

We are also looking into running a health and safety reps course specifically for our branch. Comment below if you’re interested in this.

Certificate courses are accredited by Fife College, so you will come away with a recognised qualification on completion!

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